Imagineering Stories Blog: The Beginning

How about I tell you a story?…..

Imagine a six-year young kid sitting under the refreshing shade of an old oak tree. It is a hot summer day with wide open skies and incoming cotton clouds. There he was immersed in awe about the tiny ants hurrying about carrying giant leaves and other interesting things….the busy bees buzzing about from flower to flower….while high on the tree branches birds chirping on and on…. Indeed, a small world filled with noise, movement, and wonder.

There he was absorbing it all… and out of the blue, he begins talking with the ants asking them questions… Hi, where are you going? how can you carry such large leaves while you are so tiny? A burst of sounds coming from above grabs his attention and pausing all thought he listens trying to understand what the birds are so happy talking about…. They seem so high up, can hardly see them….and while searching for his happy friends he notices the sparkling of sunlight filtering through the leaves and branches…quickly realizing the true size of the tree….

While looking up through the tree he feels the cooling breeze caressing his cheeks and as the leaves move and sparkle he notices the bright open blue sky beyond the top of the tree. There he discovers ever more things to marvel about…. the bright white cotton clouds begin to take shape showing their playful sides. A grand smile fills his entire face…as the magic around and above him tickles his heart and giggles his soul….

In such a small place without taking a step in either direction, he discovers entire dimensions of awe and wonder. Lead by his imagination he sets forth to step through the doors and go and explore more of the surroundings which are filled with ever more interesting things to discover and be curious about…..

(to be continued…. Comment “more” if you would like me to continue the story…)

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Hi, I'm Allen Kares, I come from everywhere and am happy to BE on this lifelong journey to infinite possibilities. My mission is to add value to the unfolding of life through the power of imagination.

I am fortunate to have been born with unique consciousness and spiritual perspectives and a rare imagineering ability, which continue to broaden as I teach and mentor ascending BEings like you on imagineering processes to assist you in expanding your vision for personal, professional, and spiritual advancement, success, and prosperity.

"Imagineering is creating your present from your future."

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