What is the driving force behind all creation?

The brightest minds possess this quality…

For thousands of years, humans have continued to evolve, invent, and create new and better things – hello soap, light, internet!

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Where do all these ideas come from?

The thoughts and ideas are inspired and brought forth into form by the power of imagination deep in everyone’s heart and spirit and with the assistance of right and left brain coherence.

Sadly, in recent millennia humans have become less and less imaginative, and only a select few maintain this natural ability active and developing. This presents a huge existential problem because imagination is the ultimate form of individual freedom.

Imagination is undervalued, and unless YOU do something, it might be lost forever. Children especially are under direct threat as they are forced to limit their mental imagery. Our responsibility is to create opportunities for everyone to be imaginative, inventive, free thinkers, and creators! Starting with you.

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Hi, I'm Allen Kares, I come from everywhere and am happy to BE on this lifelong journey to infinite possibilities. My mission is to add value to the unfolding of life through the power of imagination.

I am fortunate to have been born with unique consciousness and spiritual perspectives and a rare imagineering ability, which continue to broaden as I teach and mentor ascending BEings like you on imagineering processes to assist you in expanding your vision for personal, professional, and spiritual advancement, success, and prosperity.

"Imagineering is creating your present from your future."

✨belove • imagine • create✨

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